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Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceum)

8. april 2017 saturday




Hericium erinaceus has long a history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. A 2005 rat study showed some compounds in the mushroom, like threitol, D-arabinitol, and palmitic acid, may have antioxidant effects, regulate blood lipid levels and reduce blood glucose levels.[3] A 2012 study on rats that had suffered brain injury showed that "daily oral administration of H. erinaceus could promote the regeneration of injured rat peroneal nerve in the early stage of recovery."[4] More recently and more relevant to human use, is a 2013 review of scientific studies, which asserted the medical benefits of the mushroom by saying "This mushroom is rich in some physiologically important components, especially β-glucan polysaccharides, which are responsible for anti-cancer, immuno-modulating, hypolipidemic, antioxidant and neuro-protective activities of this mushroom. H. erinaceus has also been reported to have anti-microbial, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, wound healing properties among other therapeutic potentials."[5] A 2014 scientific review on the therapeutic effects of H. erinaceus concluded that "it is helpful to various diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, immunoregulatory, and many types of cancer."[6]

A report reveals that pills of this mushroom are used in the treatment of gastric ulcers and esophageal carcinoma.[7] And a 2011 study on rats demonstrates the mushroom's wound healing capacities.[8]

Considering the increase of degenerative conditions, scientists around the world have launched investigations on the possible anti-dementia compounds[citation needed] of this mushroom.

Primary research has demonstrated the following:

  • Stimulated animal nerve cells[9]
  • A double-blind, parallel-group, placebo-controlled trial showed improved cognitive ability in individuals with mild cognitive impairment[10]
  • Stimulated nerve growth factor in an in vitro experiment with human astrocytoma cells[2] Nerve growth factor stimulated by phenol-analogous Hericenone.[11]
  • Stimulated myelination in an in vitro experiment[12]
  • Regenerated peripheral nerves following crush injury[13]

Long-term safety and effects of withdrawal seem to be unknown.



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How to be healthy?

21. october 2015 wednesday



Every DXN member has heard about Jane Yau, our lovely and always ready to help Ganotheraphy Consultant. In these years, many of us has turned to her for advice about the products to consume or to suggest to clients in need. When I contacted Jane, she was delighted to answer my questions, so it’s time to get to know her a little bit more!
1. Please give us some background information about yourself and how you got involved with DXN.
I was a State Registered Nurse (SRN) specialized in oncology in 1970’s and also a State Certified Midwife (SCM) trained in U.K. I was further trained in Public Health Nursing. To complete the passion for my job, I continued my studies in Nutritional Detoxification Therapy and Preventive Health and Nutrition at a local University.
My father’s illness became my blessing. He had been suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes since  his mid 40’s, and he suddenly had a stroke in the year 2000, when he was 72 years old. The stroke was so bad that he had repeated ruptured of the blood vessels in his brain 4 times in a month. I was warned by the doctors to prepare for the worst if my father continued to have hemorrhage in his brain again. I felt devastated and turned to prayer, as I did not want to lose my beloved father.
With God’s grace, not long after my prayers, Mr. Cheng Peng Yuen came along and told me about the DXN Ganoderma. He explained in details the benefits of Malaysian cultured Ganoderma. Although I had already heard so much about Ganoderma, I was ignorant about its medicinal usage. I was doubtful and I hesitated about the products.
Mr. Cheng showed me his personal medical report. The medical report confirmed that he had problems with most of the blood vessels related to the complications of diabetes. He had high blood pressure with medications; protein in the urine which was a sign of kidney malfunctions; he had poor vision which i a common complication of diabetes which could lead to blindness. However, when I turned his medical report to the last page, which was 2 years after he consumed DXN Ganoderma, his medical report showed that he was healthy without having to take any medications. I could not believe it; in my opinion, people with diabetes always developed complications and for most of them the problems deteriorate. So I asked Mr. Cheng what did he take and he claimed he was taking 6 capsules RG ( 3 months old Reishigano)  and 6 capsules GL (18 days old Ganocelium) consistently. I started to believe there must be some functions of Ganoderma that were able to improve blood circulations and regenerate the cells’ functions that had lead Mr. Cheng to good health. I accepted his recommendation and I started my father on 6 RG and GL in divided dosage daily. I could see the progress in my father’s conditions. After 3 months he was able to walk without any walking aids.
My experience in using Ganoderma and the studies in Nutritional Health empowered even more my health management career. Currently I am practicing Ganotherapy and Nutritional Health Management and I’m very happy with what I’m doing by helping people to achieve super health from illness and diseases. The happiness and job satisfaction I experience now is something I never felt when I was in nursing.
2. What is exactly Ganotheraphy?Ganotherapy – is a holistic (whole body) approach to maintain the healing system at an optimum level by taking the highest quality of DXN Ganoderma Lucidum (RG) and Ganocelium (GL). Therefore Ganotherapy is a preventive science.
The 5 basic principles of Ganotherapy explain how Ganoderma or Red Mushrooms supports the body and its Immune System to overcome health problems on its own.
1.Our body is the best doctor – Everybody has the ability to take care of health issues with their own natural healing system within.
2.Illness is caused by 2 sources: toxins in our body and disharmony in body functions.
3.Ganoderma does not cure illness but it can help balance-up our body system and improve immunity against diseases.
4.Any reaction that takes place is caused by our body’s imbalanced system and not by the intake of Ganoderma.
5.The dosage of Ganoderma taken is irrelevant to diseases.Ganotheraphy acts on the body in 5 stages:
Stage 1:
 Scanning (1–30 days)
Stage 2:
(1–30 weeks)
Stage 3:
 Regulating (1–12 months)
Stage 4:
 Building (6–24 months)
Stage 5:
 Regenerating (1–3 years)
3. What instance stands out as your greatest success story in treating someone via Ganotheraphy?
I’m going to share one case with you.
There was this 3-month-old baby, born with a congenital hole in his heart. He was always blue when he cried. On
top of that his condition was worsening by his asthmatic attacks. He was put on ventilator to improve his lungs
functions. However his oxygen level at the monitor was low at 50% and less.
Doctors were unable to perform an open heart surgery.
The baby’s father heard about me and approached me for help. I went to the hospital to teach the mother how to put a capsule of GL powder in the expressed breast milk daily and fed the baby via feeding tube. One week later the father called me up and excitedly told me that the baby’s oxygen was raised to almost 100% and the baby was fit for open heart surgery.
After the open heart surgery, the child recovered well and continued to consume GL one capsule daily and 1 Cordyceps daily as heart tonic. Today the child is 12 years old!
4. How has your life changed since Ganoderma and DXN are a part of it?
I was a skeptic, I didn’t believe in acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic energy healing or virtually any form of nutritional supplements. After my father’s illness I began to understand that the maintenance of holistic health is the solution to the health problems.
I also had a skin problem since I was a child. I accepted it as a part of my life because the doctors were unable to cure it. However, as I aged, in my early 40’s, my skin problem worsened;
on top of that I began to suffer arthritis at my jaw joints and knees. Today at the age of 60, after having taken Ganoderma for 14 years, I cannot believe the skin problem which could not be treated with medications for decades  is completely gone; physically and mentally I am enjoying my pinkest health.
Health mission and DXN are in my blood, I hope my sharing of knowledge and experience in Ganoderma can inspire you to a journey of good health!
5. What are your views on the relationship between health and business?
I know nothing about business. However I know very well health is wealth; human life span should be 120 years.
The reason why the human beings are unable to live up to the golden age with good health is because they die from diseases. Due to ignorance and lack of information, the human beings are unable maintain good health. My 14 years of experience in using Ganotherapy help me to leap into a completely new wellness industry. Unintentionally, I am actively involved in DXN business. This is double blessing because DXN does not only provide wonderful products for health; at the same time it gives us the great marketing system to achieve good financial returns.
This is the real genuine business I love to do. The slogan of DXN “Health, Wealth and Happiness” is real.
6. You have very strong ties with Europe and the European market. Can you please tell us about it?
I believe that meeting László Kócsó was a blessing from God.
When I met László for the first time I was at DXN PJ and he walked in with Mr Nicolas, the country manager. He introduced László to me and I shared delightedly with László my experience in using DXN health products for the last 8 years. I gave László a name card and I left the office.
Two weeks later I received an e-mail from László, asking me how to use DXN health products to solve health problems. I delightedly answered all his questions. László was dedicated to the business and he started to organize frequent web conferences where I did health resentations.
László came back to Malaysia many times, also with his team, he visited the farm and the factory, and he personally met Dr. Lim and had a good discussion with him about the development of DXN business in Hungary and in Europe. DXN was officially launched in Hungary in April 2009 with more than 600 members attending the first meeting.
DXN in Europe sprout like mushrooms.
Mr. Jijith, who is the International Marketing Director came to DXN Europe in the year 2011, and gave his great support to DXN Europe.
7. Going back to health, if there was one piece of advice regarding health care you could give anyone regardless age or place of living, what would it be?
I hope that in the future every family will take Ganoderma as essential food to maintain good health. Ganoderma can prevent from human health problems today. Many premature deaths from non-communicable diseases like heart disease, strokes, cancer, are in fact preventable.
We can choose to have a healthy and joyful life free from diseases and sufferings! We know very well you are what you eat. We sabotage our natural healing abilities on a daily basis with all the wrong food that we love to eat. Since we are unable to change our eating habits, we need to teach every single person to take Ganoderma as the essential food supplement to balance cells/tissues/organs and systemic functions, so that we can restore our natural healing abilities on a daily basis.
8. Can you please share with us your projects for the future?
I continue to pray daily. May God continue to guide me, to give me wisdom, show me how to share my experience
with people who want to be healthy. I will continue to carry on my mission to create health awareness by telling people why they get sick, teaching people how to eat correctly and supporting with Ganotherapy to ensure super health.

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4. october 2015 sunday



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Ganoderma and Heart

26. april 2015 sunday

Compiled by:

Dr.S. Ranjan, MD,. DM (Cardiology)

Education and Background:


MBBS, MD in General Medicine, DM (Cardiology) of Madras Medical College, Post Doctoral Teacher in Cardiology for 17 Years, Personal Physician and Cardiologist to Former Honourable Presidents of India.

Ganoderma and Heart

Once thought to be the source of feelings of love and emotion, the heart is actually the powerhouse of the circulatory system. Rhythmic contractions of this muscular pump push blood along the blood vessels to all parts of the body, even to its far extremities, and back to the heart again. The beating heart ensures that every cell of the body has an uninterrupted supply of food, oxygen, and other essentials. So powerful is the heart that it can pump the body´s entire blood volume of 5 litres (8.8 pints) around the body once every minute. On average, it beats, or pumps, 70 times a minute when the body is at rest, yet can increase this rate if the body is active. Over a lifetime of 70 years, the heart beats some 2.5 billion times without tiring or stopping for a rest, thanks to the cardiac muscle and its walls.


Heart Problems: Unseen inside the chest, the heart is taken for granted until something goes wrong. A common cause of heart problems is the narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, which provide heart muscle with oxygen, a condition known as "Coronary Artery Disease". Its main symptom is chest pain, noticed during stress or exercise when extra demands are put on the heart. The chances of developing this problem are increased by smoking, high blood pressure, high-fat diet, obesity, and inactivity.


Reishi or Ganoderma lucidum is a very powerful herb and it has been used for more than 5000 years for its medicinal effects. It has more than 200 active ingredients which makes it unique in its positive effect on health.


The important effects on the heart are due to its triterpene compounds. The triterpenes give Reishi an adoptogenic quality, providing the person with protection from a wide range of biological, environmental, and social stresses. They have a kind of harmonizing effects on the body. These harmonizing effects are in the immune system as well as the circulatory system.


Anti-Oxidant effect: Reishi, being a powerful anti-oxidant helps to scavenge the free radicals which are injurious to cells. Consumption of Reishi can help in the prevention of heart diseases, especially heart attacks by its powerful antioxidant effects. It has been proved to reduce cholesterol levels.


Antiplatelet Effect: Reishi contains Adenosine which is a platelet inhibitor. This action is due to the activation of phospholipase. This antiplatelet effect prevents clot formation, regularizes blood flow in the blood vessels, especially in the micro-circulation, thereby preventing heart attack.


ACE inhibition-Lanostane triterpenes with ACE inhibiting effects have been identified in Ganoderma. Ganoderic acid F exhibited the highest effect. This effect lowers and normalizes the blood pressure and helps to reduce the load on the heart and improve pumping function, especially in a failing heart.


Vasodilator effect: Adenosine is a powerful vasodilator and it improves the blood supply and oxygen delivery to various organs. By improving the oxygen supply to the heart, Reishi is useful in preventing Coronory Artery disease and helps to overcome angina.


The ability of Reishi to calm the body and regulate its energy seems to be the key to its effect on blood pressure, the immune system, and ultimately how long that system will last.


I would say that






Source: DXN Life , Volumn 17

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